The Green Wave: How to Introduce Eco-Friendly Living into your Day-to-Day Life in 5 easy steps.



We all know that the Earth isn’t exactly in a good place, environmentally. Climate change, overpopulation, greenhouse gases, melting polar ice caps, it’s just generally a mess.

Here’s how you can do your part to slow the Earth’s hastening demise, by adding an eco-friendly flair to your daily life.


1: The ol’ lightbulb classic

It’s a cliché because it’s true! Buy energy-saving lightbulbs to replace your old ones, and turn them off when you use them. In-depth studies show that when nobody’s in the room, you don’t tend to need a light on in there. Unless you’re growing sunflowers, in which case, why are you even keeping them in the bathroom, anyway?


2: Recycle what you can, mass-dump what you can’t

Recycle your old things. It’s not difficult to throw your old tin cans, bottles and clothes in a recycling bin every so often, when you need to. A new craze is what certain people, insufferable types mostly, call “upcycling”. Take your old rubbish, make something new out of it. If you don’t want a tablecloth made of socks, step outside, someone will. You’ll be able to tell who by the beards, tie-dyed shirts, and tendency to run up to livestock, crying and apologising.

If you forego the upcycling route in favour of mass landfills, be aware that they will stink. Luckily, there’s not exactly a shortage of people to call to deal with this issue (click here for a few examples). Also, if you need help moving the colossal piles of rubbish you’ve accumulated, well, there’s plenty of options, such as the Bekins Moving Solutions company.


3: Don’t leave taps running

Similar to the lightbulb step, but with water. Don’t leave water running, be it sinks, bathtubs, showers, anything like that. Aside from being uneconomical, the bills add up.

Unless you have some sort of stock in mop sales, it’s not really the best course of action. In what circumstance would you need to urgently dash out of the house, leaving the bathtub on? That’s just going to get you a whole load of mould. Minimise how much water you use.


4: Get rid of that log-powered furnace

You’ve never been able to afford a trip to Norway, this might be the next best thing, right? WRONG. Are you planning on chopping down trees to feed that thing yourself? If not, might not be the best idea. Sorry, pal. Sitting next to it in a pair of fluffy slippers and a scarf with a mug of hot chocolate might seem cool, but you know what’s even cooler? A habitable planet. Your dreams of looking like a stock photo model for a “cosiest places” magazine will have to wait.


5: Invest in a bicycle

Don’t need to pay for parking, if you can just throw a chain around a lamppost and call it a day. Also, the added benefit of not taking a planet-destroying two-tonne metal box powered by exploding dinosaurs on your fifteen-minute journey to Tesco.

Save the planet, while getting in shape. Are there any downsides to this?








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