Travelling often? Let your apartment pay for your holiday


It’s not a secret that life in London is a very expensive city. That’s why it’s worth knowing about extra ways to make a bit of money as a side income to your full-time job. One of easy and hassle-free ways to make extra money, especially if you go on business trips or holidays very often is to rent out your property while you’re away. 


Things you need to know when renting out your apartment as a sublet

There are multiple things that prevent people from renting out their apartment – one of them is fear for their belongings and lack of insurance. Another reason not to sublet a property is a lot of extra work of cleaning the apartment and bed linen. Some other reasons include possibly inconvenient times of meeting a guest (what is they arrive after you leave your flat to go to the airport?) and the possibility that nobody will book your property.

However, all these things can easily be solved by using a rental management company like Leavy


Leavy – a new travel tech / Airbnb management company in London

A little bit of background about Leavy – is a new travel tech / Airbnb management company that started in France in 2017 and expanded its operations to London in June 2019. Leavy has a very different model compared to other short let management companies. Most of the companies charge the commission on the bookings you receive – usually up to 15%. If you don’t receive any bookings – well, you don’t get any money. Moreover, you need at least 4 weeks availability of your flat – so that wouldn’t work if you’re going away for just 1 or 2 weeks.

Leavy UK, however, is very different. The minimum availability is just 2 nights, so if you’re going away just for the bank holiday weekend, it’s fine – your flat will be accepted and you can become a happy leaver. Moreover, you get a fixed guaranteed payment regardless of the occupancy. It might be a little lower compared to the fee you would get directly from Airbnb, however, you don’t need to worry about the occupancy and meeting guests. 

Leavy also takes care of the cleaning, keys, linen and even insurance, so on holiday, you can focus on the things that matter most. 


Can I rent out my room in a flatshare?

Leavy doesn’t accept flatshares at the moment, if you’re sharing a flat with only 1 or 2 other people and you all are going away for Christmas, for example, you can definitely rent out the entire flat and split the income between the 3 of you.

You can check more information about Leavy of the official website.










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