Why A Kitchen Extension Makes A Lot Of Sense


Your kitchen probably gets used more than any other room in the home. Everyone’s in and out of there all the time, and you’ll have so many different things packed into cabinets and drawers. As a result, it’s an area that can quickly feel quite cramped and claustrophobic. With that in mind, a kitchen extension sounds like an excellent idea. 

Extending your kitchen can give you a range of benefits that will transform the way you use it. Keeping that in mind, here’s why it makes sense to give an extension some serious thought: 


Create more space, less clutter

The top reason to extend your kitchen is that it creates more space. For a small kitchen, this can be an absolute Godsend. If you feel like you can barely get two people in the kitchen at the same time, then an extension will help you open up the area and make life more comfortable. Not only does this make it easier to use your kitchen and cook, but it also means there’s more room for storage. Therefore, you can declutter your kitchen and avoid having the small countertops full of utensils, spices, and who knows what else! 


Add a new room to your kitchen

Secondly, an extension could be used to add a new room to your kitchen. For example, you may attach a laundry room to the kitchen, a pantry for storecupboard ingredients, or even a separate space to put the fridge/freezer. Instantly the extension has made your kitchen more practical and given it some extra uses. I particularly like the idea of a pantry as it’s like a walk-in wardrobe for the kitchen! You also free up a lot of kitchen cabinet space by not needing to put ingredients in there. Plus, it’s far quicker to walk into a pantry and find the things you need when you’re in the middle of cooking a meal. 


Modernize the space

A kitchen extension is an excuse to have a kitchen renovation. You’ll have to knock down a wall or two, which also means removing some of your existing kitchen fixtures. As a result, it allows you to modernize the space. Companies like Veejay’s Renovations can help you add modern fixtures to your kitchen, so it moves into the 21st Century. This could mean having extra space to put in a big new oven, a modern refrigerator, or a modern sink unit. Sometimes, you may lack the space to carry out renovations like this in your existing kitchen. So, that’s when an extension comes in handy. 

All things considered, a kitchen extension makes a whole lot of sense. It gives you more space to play with, which will make your kitchen more practical and less cramped. Plus, you can add new functions to the kitchen by creating space for a new specialist room adjoining it. Or, you can modernize the kitchen and improve the functionality whenever you cook! The simple fact is that an extension brings so many benefits – it’s something you should consider if you have the money and want to upgrade this part of your home.








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