From the Bookcase: The 1st American Cookie Lady by Barbara Swell

  Barbara Swell takes us on another nostalgic step back in time with her book The 1st American Cookie Lady – Recipes from a 1917 Cookie Diary. The recipes are not Barbara’s own, having landed Anna ‘Cookie’ Covington’s 76-page handwritten cookie cookbook at an eBay auction. Finding what she thought to be the oldest written […]

From the Bookcase: Mama’s in the Kitchen

  We loved this throwback to yesteryear – to a time when lack of money or ingredients didn’t stop Mama’s good old home cooked meals and desserts. Mama’s in the Kitchen gives us a nostalgic insight into how making do didn’t mean going without. Creativity was the name of the game and this book brings […]

From the Bookcase: Vintage Beauty by Daniela Turudich

  Vintage Beauty by Daniela Turudich takes us back in time to the bygone era of Hollywood glamour and glitz where homemade recipes and natural ingredients were the key to beauty. With many of its leading ladies swearing by the simplicity of natural ingredients, this book shares their tips, tricks and recipes for you to try […]