From the Bookcase: The 1st American Cookie Lady by Barbara Swell

the 1st american cookie lady


Barbara Swell takes us on another nostalgic step back in time with her book The 1st American Cookie Lady – Recipes from a 1917 Cookie Diary.

The recipes are not Barbara’s own, having landed Anna ‘Cookie’ Covington’s 76-page handwritten cookie cookbook at an eBay auction. Finding what she thought to be the oldest written collection of authentic cookie recipes – 208 of them – Barbara decided to put them together into a book for all to enjoy.

The book is a delightful collection not only of traditional recipes but also provides the reader with a glimpse into the original author’s daily life alongside additional snippets of history, art and tales of days gone by.

The 1st American Cookie Lady  (Gazelle) is available from Amazon now. 


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