From the Bookcase: Vintage Beauty by Daniela Turudich

vintage beauty daniela turudich


Vintage Beauty by Daniela Turudich takes us back in time to the bygone era of Hollywood glamour and glitz where homemade recipes and natural ingredients were the key to beauty.

With many of its leading ladies swearing by the simplicity of natural ingredients, this book shares their tips, tricks and recipes for you to try them at home for yourself.

Most of the recipes can be made with everyday ingredients which you can readily buy in stores although a few recipes are included which, due to the nature of their ingredients, are included purely for historical reference only.

With an extensive list of homemade beauty recipes for skin, hair, bath and beauty, you can create your own vast range of natural products for anything at all! From deodorants and anti-perspirants, wrinkle creams and moisturisers to acne treatments and breath fresheners from scratch, you’ll never need to buy toiletries and beauty products again. We can’t get enough of it!

Vintage Beauty by Daniela Turudich (Streamline Press) is available from all good book sellers including Amazon now. 



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