7 Ways to Save Money on Heating

Small changes to the things you do in your home can make a big difference to the heating bill. We’ve come up with seven simple ways that you can stay warm for less this winter. Why not try them today?


Turn it down one degree

If you want to save money but keep the heating on, turn your room thermostat down a couple of degrees. The Energy Saving Trust say that you could easily save up to £75 a year by reducing your heating by one degree. No one will really miss that one degree, and the extra money can be saved or used on other necessary things.


chimney sheep
Fireplace Draft Stopper – Chimney Sheep

Block your chimney

When the fire’s not in use, a lot of extra breeze blows in through the chimney to replace the warm air flowing out. This means you’ll have to pile on the layers, turn up the heating, and waste more money. You can prevent this by using a Chimney Sheep Fireplace Draft Stopper. Not only does it stop any draft, it’s suitable for long term use, making it efficient and good for your wallet.


baroque traditional duck egg cotton and wool rug - laura ashley
baroque traditional duck egg cotton and wool rug – laura ashley

Place rugs in several rooms – even on carpet

Some people would consider rugs to be suitable only for hard flooring. The truth is, they can look just as good on carpets if you find the right one. As well as adding an extra accessory into the room, they are fabulous for keeping your toes toasty!


drayton digistat 7 day programmable thermostat battery
drayton digistat 7 day programmable thermostat battery

Use a timer

Avoid keeping the radiators on constantly and instead use a timer. Put the heating on for an few hours each day and you’ll be warm without the expense. It’s a brilliant idea if you’re out and about a lot and often forget to turn off the heating before leaving the house.


Have several thermostats

Rather than have one main thermostat that controls the heating everywhere in your home, have room thermostats that control only one or two at a time. This way, if there is a room that you don’t venture into often or, like in a kitchen, has its own source of heat such as an oven, you won’t be wasting money that could be spent elsewhere.


Install a radiator reflector

Place the reflector behind a radiator to reduce the amount of heat that can be lost into the wall. The reflector foil is available from many hardware stores such as B&Q, is inexpensive, and will keep the room warm and cosy.


Azure Casserole - Denby
Azure Casserole – Denby

Cook to your heart’s content

Nothing is better in winter than the smell of a homemade apple pie or casserole. As well as being hearty and comforting food for the belly, the heat emitted from an oven is enough to keep you and the room comfortable and heated without having any radiators on. Why not take the opportunity to bake lots of delicious goodies for family and friends, while saving money at the same time?




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