The Light Effect: Fantastic Lighting Solutions for Every Room


row of light bulbs


When it comes to lighting up your home every single room has its own characteristics. The bedrooms and living room demand soft lighting that help you to relax while the kitchen and home office require functional lights that allow you to see what you are doing. Moreover, it is always advisable to go for as much natural light as possible. But what do you do when you are not in a position to tear down walls and turn your home into a glass house? Well, you create an illusion using a few tricks that we’ll show you.


Trick #1: From Cold to Cosy

If you are stuck with a room that feels cold and lifeless no matter how much furniture you put in it then a great way to deal with it is to introduce some soft lights. You can place some table lamps in strategic locations around the rooms which will provide lighting without drawing attention to the room’s ceiling.


Trick #2: From Low Ceiling to High Ceiling

The essence of this illusion is trying to give some height to a room that has a very low ceiling. You can do this by using long vertical lights which have a similar effect to wearing an outfit with vertical stripes. Furthermore, you can also invest is some classy low hanging pendant lights.


Trick #3: From Tiny to Spacious

For that small room that always seems so cluttered bring in some lights for each of its corners. What’s more you can also opt for a couple of wall washers that light up the ceiling or go for a more playful effect with uplighters.


Trick #4: From Headaches to Tranquility

If you have ever tried to cook or study under a glaring bulb then you probably know the throbbing pain that soon follows. The reason for your pain is the fact that the light is poorly positioned and you need to move it either behind you or to your side. You can do this by replacing one bulb that is above or in front of you with two bulbs that are placed on either side of your working area ensuring that you are neither working in darkness nor being gradually blinded.


Trick #5: From Plain to Gorgeous

It’s the one room for privacy and pampering so there’s nothing more frustrating than having a soulless bathroom that is just functional but does nothing for your style. Luckily, there’s a very simple solution that involves the use of down-lighters that take the place of one central light. This way the room feels more feminine without losing its functionality. Long, hot, bubbly soak, anyone?




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