Fabric Christmas Garland Tutorial


fabric garland 1


Add to your collection of handmade Christmas decorations with this wonderfully festive garland.




Ribbon (length at least 51 inches)





Sewing needles

Sewing machine (if you don’t have one you can hand sew)






Draw out a circle template (3 inches) onto your paper and cut out

Pin to your fabric and cut 9 circle pairs

Pin to your wadding and cut 9 circles

Measure your ribbon and cut length to measure 51 inches

Cut smaller ribbon lengths in various sizes to hang the circles.

Make a loop at each end of the main ribbon length (51 inches) and stitch into place.

With your sewing machine stitch each circle – with a layer of fabric on the top, the wadding in the middle and a layer of fabric on the bottom. Add in the ribbon also. Stitch all around the right sides facing outwards.


fabric garland tutorial


Attach each ribbon/circle to the main ribbon length, with a button decoration secured on top.


Your Christmas fabric garland is ready to hang!


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