No-Knit Christmas Stocking Tutorial

No-Knit Christmas Stocking Tutorial


Turn something old into something new and upcycle an old jumper into a Christmas stocking or two!




Sweater/jumper – thrift stores are great for this project!

Tissue paper/paper


Sewing machine (if not you can hand sew)



Sewing Needles

Yarn in your colour choice (for the pom poms)

Pom Pom Maker or card





You should be able to get two stockings from one jumper.




Lay your jumper flat and pin tissue paper / paper to one half – covering the arm/shoulder also

Once paper is pinned – roughly mark out with a pen/pencil the shape of your stocking.




Cut through the wool around your stocking template.




Unpin and turn inside out ready for sewing up. Pin again for easy sewing.

Stitch the stocking leaving the gap at the top. You can hand stitch or use a sewing machine if you have one.

Turn your stocking the right way out and check for any gaps (they may need re-stitching)

Make 6 pom poms in various colours.

Stitch pom poms to cuff of stocking leaving enough thread tail so they can hang at various lengths.




Stitch buttons on top of the securing pom pom stitches.

Attach a loop in the right corner of the cuff inside from leftover matching wool.




Your no-knit Christmas stocking is ready to hang (and fill with gifts)!





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