How to Make No-Knit Knitted Mitts



Upcycle an old jumper to make a warm pair of knitted mitts… without the knitting!



Jumper (dig out an old one or grab a bargain from the charity shop/thrift store)



Sewing machine

Paper (for template)

Pencil or pen



Place your hand onto the paper and draw a mitt shape around it with a pen. Remember to leave a seam allowance (at least 1 inch).

Cut the template from the paper and pin to your jumper.




Cut around the template.

Pin inside out leaving the opening for your hand to fit through.

Sew around the edge (with your 1 inch seam allowance) using a sewing machine or by hand.


no knit mitts


Turn the right way out and try on.

Repeat the instructions to make your second mitt!


no knit mitts


Enjoy warm hands!





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