Felt Valentine’s Egg Cosy Pair



These felt egg cosies are a quick and fun project ideal for beginners with limited sewing experience – a great starter craft!



Paper / pencil


Red felt

Pink felt



Sewing machine (if you have one)


Sewing needles


Egg cup – if you have one



Draw out a template onto paper of the shape for your egg cosy. Measure and make sure the cosy will be able to fit over your chosen eggcup.

Place the template onto the red felt and pin. Then cut 4 pieces from the red felt.

Cut two pink felt hearts

Stitch one pink heart onto the front red felt piece. Stitch a button into the middle. (Repeat on second front piece)




Cut two pieces of ribbon that measure 2 inches

Place the right sides together and place the ribbon into the top of the cosy. Pin into place and stitch all around (with the sewing machine or by hand) leaving an opening at the bottom.




Turn the right side out and repeat with the second egg cosy.




Thanks to Louise from the Make It Shabby team for this pattern.


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