Show Off in Style: How to Display Accessories the Right Way

It’s all well and good having accessories throughout the house, but how can you create a gorgeous display feature without making it look cluttered or out of place? We give you some simple but effective tips to help you create displays you’ll love.


Clash your colours

While this would usually be a big no in the design department, it is acceptable when done properly. Experiment for a while until you find a suitable clash, and don’t just throw any colours together.


Do things differently

gilded photo frames - the original gift company
gilded photo frames – the original gift company

Rather than placing products in the centre, whether it’s photos or a shelf accessory, put them towards the left or right. It’s a good change and can look just as good, if not even better.


Rule of three

Group items in threes to rather than twos or fours. Odd numbers usually help to accentuate the objects by giving the eye something to focus on and framing the item nicely.


Avoid looking too organised

wooden nesting bowls - the white company
wooden nesting bowls – the white company

One of the best tricks to creating a beautiful display is organising things without it looking too organised. It sounds confusing, but it’s quite simple. All you have to do is mix things up a little, such as using different sized vases instead of ones that are the same height.


The same but different

By this we mean get one accessory, and buy another that looks similar but not exactly so. For example, you can buy one large mirror and one a few inches smaller and place them side by side for a fabulous effect. You can even get several mirrors and have a whole wall dedicated to different sizes and designs.


copper effect metal jug - laura ashley
copper effect metal jug – laura ashley

Mix it up

Have a couple of pieces that look like the odd one out. You can do this with anything, from a cushion on the sofa to a photo frame, or even a kitchen chair. It’ll help to make your room look orderly without being too uniformed.


One extreme to another

If your room is looks fairly conservative, go for accessories that bring it to life a bit more. If you have a plain white room, when choosing rugs and decorations go for brighter and more daring items. It’ll make the room look more relaxed without looking distasteful.


These few tips will have your displays looking better than ever. However, keep in mind that you can always move things around if you fancy a change later on.

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