From the Bookcase: Mini Cupcakes – Twenty to Make by Lorna Fleming

mini cupcakes twenty to make lorna fleming


Mini Cupcakes: Twenty to Make by Lorna Fleming is another in the handy, pocket-sized series from Search Press.

Learn how to create mini cupcakes for every occasion that look fantastic and taste delicious too.

Author Lorna Fleming explains how creating beautifully decorated cupcakes need not take a great deal of time at all to do. She then introduces us to the tools and materials needed before providing a simple basic cupcake recipe to use as the basis for the decorating ideas to come.

There are decorating ideas for every occasion from birthdays to Easter, christenings to graduations and more. True to Lorna’s word, none are particularly complicated or time-consuming to achieve, making this a handy go-to book for baking ideas in a hurry.

Click here for the Mini Valentine’s Cupcake recipe, published on Make It Shabby with permission from Search Press for this month only.

Buy Mini Cupcakes: Twenty to Make from Amazon now (rrp. £4.99). 

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