5 Storage Solutions Every Home Should Have


It doesn’t matter whether you live on a sprawling estate or have set up home in a place you couldn’t swing a cat – not, we’re sure, that you would do much cat-swinging in the first place – but keeping on top of the clutter is important to do wherever you live.

Getting organised is key to incorporating functional storage into homes, and we’ve teamed up with hometreatsuk to bring you a selection of storage solutions that we should all have wherever we live:


Hang it


coat rack


There isn’t a room in the house that this 10 hook coat rack would not be suitable for. From hanging hats, coats and scarves in the hallway, to tea towels in the kitchen to dressing gowns in the bedroom, to towels in the bathroom, the stainless steel look keeps it stylish whilst the solid metal plate material keeps it strong enough to keep your towels and clothing high and dry.


Compact it


vacuum storage bags


We cannot begin to tell you how much we love these vacuum storage bags here at Make It Shabby. These are the perfect way to store bedding, clothing, towels and blankets keeping them clean, and dust and mould free. This set of five jumbo sized bags stores up to 80% more and the Double Dip Seal with Triple Seal Turbo Valve ensures every last bit of air is sucked out. Even better, the set also comes with a travel pump, so now you can take even more outfits on holiday! Perfect!


Create it


silver under shelf mug holder

No more having to play Jenga with a stack of mugs with this fantastic under shelf mug holder. Simply slide and hook it onto your existing shelf for additional storage for up to ten mugs. What an ingenious idea!


Stow it


shoe rack


Keep clutter at bay as soon as you walk through the door with this elegant shoe rack and storage unit. The unit  measures 108(H) X 80(W) X 25(D)cm, providing maximum storage for minimal space. The white finish allows this shoe rack and storage unit to fit into any room decor while its non-slip, non marking feet will also protect your flooring. Designed to store 12 pairs of shoes, it also comprises a handy drawer too.


Hide it


under sink storage cabinet


One of the toughest rooms to incorporate adequate storage into is often the bathroom.  Unfortunately, it can also be the place where clutter can accumulate quite quickly, especially when you have young children. This under sink storage unit enables you to hide away anything you don’t want on show, giving the bathroom a streamlined, clutter-free look. It is also good on the eye with tongue and groove panels completed to a white finish.





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