Your Essential Guide to Choosing Flooring in Every Room



The floors in your home face a lot of wear and tear. They are used daily, and will face lots of cleaning, scrubbing, scrapes, and dirt. So if you’re looking to replace the flooring in your home in the new year, then you need to think practically about the room that it will go in and what kind of use the room has. Carpet might be a great idea for one room, but in a room with heavier footfall then it could be a bad decision. So what room suits what kind of flooring? Here are some tips to help you choose.


If You Track In a Lot of Mud

If you have a lot of children, a pet dog, or enjoy being outdoors a lot (think dog walks or horse riding regularly), then you are likely to track in a lot of mud and dirt into the home. So if you were thinking of putting carpet in a hallway or entranceway, then it will be a big mistake. Instead, choose options that will be easy to clean and that will trap the mud, rather than spread it elsewhere in the home. Ceramic tiles can be a great option, as well as using darker grout in the tiles. Then they will be kept low maintenance.


If You Have a Playroom

Children can get into all sorts, and when they don’t know too much about hygiene when they’re younger, they can spread a lot of dirt and germs around. So if you have children, and a playroom, then it can be a good idea to choose something like laminate floorboards for the room. They are easy to clean and can be wiped clean. If you do want something softer, then make sure you choose carpet tiles that are compact, rather than a completely fluffy carpet. The latter has way more places that can trap germs and dirt and make them harder to clean.


If You Like a Cosy Bedroom

I’m not sure of many people that don’t want a cozy bedroom, but your flooring can play a part in that. It is a room that is used daily, but in a fairly low maintenance way. So it is a room in the house that does lend itself to carpet. Does putting your feet down on cold tile or wooden floor in the morning really appeal? If you didn’t want to get a carpet to cover the room, then wooden floors and then something like a large shag-pile rug could be perfectly cosy for a bedroom.


If You Entertain a Lot

If you host dinner parties quite regularly and are in your dining room a lot, then you do need to have flooring that is conducive. Think about red wine stains or food stains on carpet in a dining room; not a good look. Instead, hardwood flooring can be the best option in a dining room. Hardwood flooring can be cleaned easily if there are any spills (and can even resanded if necessary).




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