Remember These Guidelines When Designing A ‘Classic’ Kitchen



As everyone with interest in home design knows, trends come and go with the seasons. And when it comes to your kitchen, it’s important to avoid what is en vogue and create something you can live with for many years to come. Ultimately, a classic kitchen will look current in 10-20 years, whereas relying on the latest trend could mean it looks outdated in 10-20 months. Here are a few things to remember before you invest a small fortune on your classic kitchen redesign.


Think like a buyer

Unless you can guarantee you will never move house again, it’s important to have a little restraint when redesigning your kitchen. Try to think like a home buyer, as when the day comes to sell your house, the kitchen is one of the first places they will look at. It’s here that your classic design will be a huge benefit, simply because the vast majority of people will love it. However, if you take the individualist route and plan your kitchen around your personal tastes, the chances are that you will have to end up reducing your asking price to account for the fact the buyer will probably want to redo it immediately.


Don’t overspend

The value of your home can increase when you do up your kitchen – but there are limits, mostly based on your postcode. If you have a five-bedroom house, it will be worth the same as other five-bed houses in your road, give or take a small percentage. So, think carefully before you splash out a six-figure sum on your kitchen because the reality is that you may not make it back when you sell your home.


Think neutral

Neutral colour palettes are a must-have when it comes to designing a classic kitchen. Deep whites, beiges and creams are typical timeless kitchen colours, and you can throw in a few highlights by using browns, greens, and other natural hues. Not only do these colour schemes work well together, but they also have the added bonus of being easy on the eye. Want to add a splash of extra, brighter colours? Stick to finding seasonal home decor pieces, and change things up as and when you need to.


Simple style

Classic kitchens are simplistic in their design, so don’t go for fancy cabinets or super modern units. Raised panels are a mainstay of the classic kitchen, and strike the right balance between contemporary and traditional. Brand new cabinets can be distressed quite easily – check out the rest of this shabby chic blog for more tips on how to do it. If you do want to jazz things up a little, look at your lights. Some modern kitchen pendant lighting can offset the classic look to perfection. And again, you can mix and match your signature light fittings and simple decorations as you see fit, keeping the core of the kitchen intact while injecting some personality.


Architectural elements

Finally, consider having some strong architectural elements built into your kitchen – it can have a massive impact on its overall look and feel. Beams, crown moulding, planking – whatever tickles your fancy – can all give your kitchen a vibrant personality while retaining that all-important timeless look.






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