Choosing the Right Tiles for your Bathroom


Whether you choose to get professional help or DIY, there is a myriad of decisions when deciding to remodel or create a new bathroom style. One would think that choosing the tiles is going to be the most fun as they set the mood for the entire feel of your bathroom.

Tiles are usually the first thing people notice when they enter a room so you surely want to make the right choice. Do you wish to go light or dark, large or small, matt or shiny, contemporary, natural or textured?


Choosing that ‘wow’ factor

Depending on the type of space you have in your bathroom, you should pick your tiles to match their surroundings, an example of this would be if you have a shower enclosure, then you could fit the main tiles in this space too.

Or do you have a free-standing tub? Then a wall tile featurette would add to the overall finish of the tub, do you have a vanity table that you want to use as your center piece? Then you should consider what type of tiles to use as the backdrop for it.

Deciding on focal points at the start of your project can really help you enhance the overall feel of the room and stop you making any brash decisions that you later regret.


Tiles that stand out

An easy way to choose bathroom tiles is to go with a design that sings to your heart and just run with it, stick to one feature tile and keep the overall design simple so the space does not feel cluttered, this is especially important if you have a small bathroom space.


What about accent tiles?

Accent tiles are a close second to feature tiles, then you can consider one or two other types of tiles to compliment them. You want to be sure that each tile suits each other and this is where professional help can really come in handy.

Creating a design or theme with too many bold tiles can create disarray and will make your bathroom feel less relaxed, remember that neutral, plain or simple textures work well in this case, allowing your main tiles to take the centre stage of your room.


Still stumped?

Classy & modern designs are available in showrooms at Harrogate Bathrooms or you can call for consultation to really create the bathroom of your dreams.






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