How To Increase The Natural Light In Your Home


Natural light is a must-have for any family home. Exposure to natural daylight has been proven to boost your morale and mood, as well as having the benefit of making your home feel fresher and bigger. 

If you want to fill your home with more natural light, have a look at the tips below:  


Remove Unwanted Blockages 

One of the quickest ways you can add more natural light into your home is to have a look at your gardens. You may be surprised by how much light can be blocked from trees being planted in the wrong place, or becoming overgrown. If you have this problem it’s best to get a professional such as the Sydney Tree Company to help. 


Use Light Colours 

There is a very good reason that having white walls has become so fashionable in homes nowadays, that’s because it makes your home look bigger. Introduce lighter colors on the walls then add your texture and color with the use of textiles. Not only do the lighter walls make your room feel bigger they also help the natural light from your windows bounce around your home. 


Use Shiny Surfaces

Choose a glossy kitchen and bathroom as this will help light to perfect and make your space appear both brighter and bigger. Try to choose a light color scheme with your worktops and units, but if you choose to have darker keep them low rather than on the walls. Light greys and blues wok just as well as whites and creams. 


Choose The Right Flooring

Your flooring can easily be sapped for light-friendly reflectors if you choose wooden, ceramic, or stone floors that have a polished finish. These reflect more light and don’t absorb the light as carpets do. If you prefer to have carpet make sure you stick to lighter more natural colors. 


Clean Windows

When you are outside give your windows a once over, this will help you to ensure that as much light as possible is entering your home. If you can’t clean your windows yourself, it’s a good idea to hire a professional window cleaner to come around once a month. They won’t do the insides, but it will stop you from having to climb any ladders. When it comes ot cleaning the inside of your windows, make sure you do some research and prevent any streaks from appearing. You may also want to think about adding in larger windows or swapping a few for doors such as bi-folding doors that can be opened up in the summer to lead to an outdoor living space.


Use Light Furniture

If you can, remove any dark furniture or accessories and instead replace them with lighter shade whenever you can/ even more so is they are blocking the light from doors or windows. You should pay closer attention to the curtains and blinds. Having heavy, dark window furnishing can block a lot of natural light from entering your home. 

These few tips should help you to get more natural light into your family home. Are there any other methods that you use? Please share them in the comments. 







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