Interior Design Tips for A Cosy Home This Winter


As the frosty weather sets in, many look forward to spending their evenings snuggled up in their comfy living spaces with a warm drink and their Netflix favourites. For others, it’s a period to begin counting down for the warmer weather to return. So, how do you prefer to spend your winter while indoors? Whatever your preference might be, now is the time to consider transforming your home into a cosy one with one or two appropriate interior design touches. Here some tips for creating a stylishly warmer home this winter.


Use bright colours in the living room

Your living room defines the tone of your home, and it’s the part of your home where your friends, family, and other guests would see and spend time during the holiday season.

What better way to spice it up than with warm soothing colours? Bright colours infuse warmth into your living room’s look; shades of red, orange, and yellow are excellent ones to use in the winter. As a tip, use these warm hues with chestnut and beige tones to create a beautiful contrast. Furthermore, throw in a luxurious pale-toned cowhide rug from Cowhide Rugs London to add elegance and warmth to this area of the home. These rugs come in many other styles and colours to suit your preference.


Use softer lighting

Softer lighting emanates a glow that mimics warm weather. Most people prefer to use LED bulbs as a way to conserve energy while going green. Dimmer switches can also help in creating softer lighting as you can alternate the degree of lamination. Lighter lampshades can create a soothing light effect as well. Regardless of how bright the bulb underneath it is, a light-coloured paper or linen lamp shade tones it down a bit to create the desired result. If you haven’t upgraded your lighting fixtures yet, this is a winter design you should try.


Use throw pillows

Throw pillows are comfortable, soft and immediately add a touch of elegance and cosiness to any space.  Don’t you see yourself enjoying a cup of hot chocolate or tea while you relax on these throw pillows? It is one of the most accessible and most used lounging styles in homes. Besides, most throw pillows are made from fabrics that retain warmth from your body, providing that extra comfy feeling. For example, fleece, wool, and faux fur make perfect throw pillows.


Add extra layers to your bedding

For extra warmth, you should consider using heavier bedding made from soft fabrics. Nothing beats crawling into a warm bed on a frosty night. Include layers of textures, patterns, and colour to make it even more alluring whenever you get into bed. You should also consider using a woollen quilt as wool has the natural tendency to adjust to your body temperature and keep you warm throughout the night.

You have some time before winter comes, so make use of the time you have now to get your home cosy. If you always try to get your home prepared for the changing seasons, go the extra mile to make it warmer this season; keeping a warm home keeps you comfortable and safe.



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