Fabric Heart Home Decoration



Put those scraps of fabric to good use with this fabric heart decoration.







Sewing needles


Sewing machine (if you don’t have one you can hand sew)

String or ribbon (to hang)


Wadding or toy stuffing.



Draw out a heart template on your paper and cut out.

Pin heart template to your fabric and cut 2 pieces.

On one piece (The front side) add a decoration – cut fabric into a shape, stitch this and add a button on top.

Place right sides facing and pin together

Stitch together with the sewing machine / or by hand. Place the burlap string or ribbon you will use to hang the decoration near the top of the heart and sew into place. Leave a gap for stuffing.

Turn the right way out and stuff with the wadding or toy stuffing. (You could even add lavender if you want!)

Fold edges neatly and hand stitch closed.

Your fabric heart decoration is now ready to hang!


Thanks to Louise of the Make It Shabby team for this pattern. Click here for more crafts to try today!

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